Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Hey Everyone!!

Im so excited to let you guys know that I am currently working on two books!! I'm busting my butt so they can be released back to back!! As time goes on and I get closer to being finished I'll be sharing excerpts and teasers. I'll keep you all updated on release dates and cover reveals!! Until then happy reading.

<3 Jaime

Saturday, August 2, 2014


(Not Edited)


Seeing my family was nice but I’m ready for R&R to be over and get back to Afghanistan. It isn’t in my blood to sit around. I need to be out there, with my brothers taking on fire. There’s nothing better than a good firefight. I know what you’re probably thinking. Is this guy nuts?! No not nuts, just damn good at my job. I live for the adrenalin rush and the excitement each deployment holds. Sure it has its down times. No one likes losing a member on his or her team, but the sad reality of the situation is it happens.

Not looking forward to the long flight ahead of me I say goodbye to my sister and her kids. Grabbing my bag, I give them one last hug and head into the airport. Waiting in line for my security check, my eyes are pulled to a tight firm ass that is bent over in front of me. Obviously I’m staring, I’m a man and it’s in my nature. The petite woman with the phenomenal ass stands up and I draw my attention away from her. Her cell phone drops from her back pocket as she straightens herself. Bending down to grab it a wrinkled hand beats me to it and I look up to see an elderly woman. I never had a thing against old people until now. Smiling warmly at her she looks at my uniform, thanks me for my service and taps the mystery girl on the shoulder returning her phone.

After going through the security check and being thanked by a couple more people for my service, I finally reach my gate. But it isn’t the gate that grabs my attention. The same tiny brunette I saw at the checkpoint is sitting in a chair at my gate. She is so involved with whatever she’s writing; it gives me more time to remain captivated by her beauty. Taking a quick glance around I notice there are a couple men staring at her openly. I don’t blame them, she lights up this whole damn place and she doesn’t even realize it.  She still is oblivious to the fact that every man in the airport is staring at her so I decide to claim her as mine. Even if it is just for the flight.

There are plenty of empty seats and as I’m walking towards her, I see two guys looking at her and fist bump each other before one gets up. If this scum bag thinks he’s going to try and flirt with her he’s dead wrong. Luckily for me, I reach her before he does. Looking over at him, I give him my well-known fuck you smirk as he turns around heading back to his seat. Normally, I would put the charm on full force until she’s begging me to rip her panties off her but for some reason I feel I need a different approach.  Standing in front of her, she seems too wrapped up in whatever she is doing and has her eyes closed.

“Do you mind?”

Her eyes open and she scans my uniform up and down.

“I’m sorry?” She says pulling out an earbud.

“I said do you mind if I sit? This seems to be the only seat left.” So I may have lied a little, okay a lot.

“No. Not at all,” She smiles and moves her bag to the floor not even bothering to look around her.

Taking the seat next to her I stretch out my legs crossing them. I thank her and rest my head back against the seat. Now that I’m where I want to be I cant seem to keep my eyes open.

Feeling a gentle nudge on my shoulder catches me off guard and startles me awake. I must have dozed off as soon as I sat. I guess the lack of sleep is finally starting to catch up to me. I take in my surroundings and thank god, that I haven’t missed my flight. I look over to the beautiful woman who woke me and would give anything to have her touch me again… anything.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Twist Of Fate!

I'm so excited for my release of my first solo novel Twist Of Fate!!
For those of you who have read it already I hope you loved it!! For those who haven't here are some teasers. Purchase links where you can pick up a copy are posted after the teasers!!