Saturday, February 21, 2015

Cover Revel and Release Date!

Hello everyone!!

Its's been a while and since time has passed I've released the cover for Dante's Redemption and the release date!! I was so excited while working on this cover. I had an idea of what I wanted for it so when you finished reading the book you this cover really tells the story. I didn't just want another cover that sold sex. I wanted a cover that told my story. I told Michael, Lance and Tiffany what I wanted and they really brought my photos to life.

After choosing the images I wanted for the cover, which was hard since there were so many great ones, I contacted Kellie. I told her the ins and outs of Dante's Redemption and told her I wanted the title to look like it was tagged on the garage yet still readable since Dante works on the streets. I have to say this is by far my favorite cover. It's just stunning and I'm not saying that because it's mine. I'm saying it because the hard work the people put into it made it beautiful.

A huge thanks goes out to Michael Meadows, Lance Jones, T.H. Snyder and Kellie Dennis. They are the beauty behind the image I had in my head and it wouldn't have been brought to life without them!!

Enough blabbing!! Release date time!!!! March 2nd is the big day!! I'm so excited for you guys to have this book in your hands you have no idea!! I loved writing this story and I hope you love reading just as much as I did!!

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